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  • Leo Art Creations Has Moved!

    Leo Art Creations Has Moved!

    Bye Wellington, Florida – Hello Lake Placid, Florida! Our new location on the shore of Lake Huntley is getting ready to open as Leo’s Lily Pad. With breathtaking views, coffee on the deck, and Leo can’t wait to start painting again! T

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  • Icy Fire

    Icy Fire

    Painting intuitively is immensely satisfying when you finish the work and step back. The beauty of art is that it reveals something different to each viewer. This one had a few surprises for me.

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  • Man in the Mirror

    Man in the Mirror

    When my sales team gave me a 20” x 20” canvas, a set of oil paints, and brushes as a gift, I was moved and humbled. I remember holding back the tears at their thoughtfulness and expressions of love. The painting that emerged surprised me.

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  • Celebration 2022

    Celebration 2022

    It was a cool and lightly breezy mid day on December 29, 2022 as I strolled the town embracing the restaurants and small businesses which hugged the lagoon. I took my hubby [R. Michael Brown], aka Papa Bear, for a pre-New Year’s stay at one of our boutique hotels, Celebration Hotel, Autograph Collection in Celebration,…

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  • City in the Mist

    City in the Mist

    Exploring continues. Took an online class from Angela Anderson Fine Art on her YouTube channel, and am thrilled with the outcome of my acrylic painting. Love the diversity in the trees and shrubs and first time learning how to create the look of fog or mist in the distance.

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  • Currents – An Abstract Commission

    Currents – An Abstract Commission

    This abstract acrylic painting is my first large commissioned piece. It’s influenced by a famous Puerto Rican artist, Andres Bueso.

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  • Dukie – The King of the Finca La Nuestra, AKA Farmhouse

    Dukie – The King of the Finca La Nuestra, AKA Farmhouse

    Dukie is the king of the Finca La Nuestra, aka ‘Our Farmhouse’, in Satsuma, FL. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Yellow Lab mix. When my brother, Albert, and my uncle Fernando and their spouses, Dania and María Eugenia, bought a 10-acre farmhouse earlier this year, they didn’t anticipate that the previous owner’s dog would…

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  • Leo Art Creations Business Cards Have Arrived!

    Leo Art Creations Business Cards Have Arrived!

    Leonor Martinez of Leo Art Creations requested business cards so I designed one for her. She’s an artist that paints on canvas so I made the card look like a painting on canvas with the traditional linen look of canvas on the front and the stretched and stapled canvas on the wood frame on the…

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  • Art Talk with Kristen & Leonor

    Art Talk with Kristen & Leonor

    Kristen Kerr, of Cultivate the Creative Foundation and Leonor Martinez, of Leo Art Creations, sat down via Zoom to talk about how Leo got started in painting. Leo just started a year ago. It’s their hope that viewers, especially new artists, can learn from their experience starting this wonderful adventure. Leonor shows some of her…

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