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  • Leo Art Creations Has Moved!

    Leo Art Creations Has Moved!

    Bye Wellington, Florida – Hello Lake Placid, Florida! Our new location on the shore of Lake Huntley is getting ready to open as Leo’s Lily Pad. With breathtaking views, coffee on the deck, and Leo can’t wait to start painting again! T

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  • Island Beach

    Island Beach

    Growing up in Florida, going to the beach was often our best entertainment. The time was full of adventure and usually packed with locals enjoying fun in the sun. As a teenager in the summer, my parents would pack up the station wagon with food for an entire day. I would spend most of the…

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  • Adventure Begins for Leonor

    Adventure Begins for Leonor

    By R. Michael Brown, Marketing Consultant, Writer & Multimedia Producer — My wife Leonor is very smart, creative, and beautiful – inside and out. Leonor has been shooting photos with her family and as she travels around the world for her job. On Valentines Day this year I brought home rose bushes so she could…

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  • The Power Of One

    The Power Of One

    For no monarchy is so absolute, but it is circumscribed with laws; but when the executive power is in the law-makers, there is no further check upon them; and the people must suffer without a remedy, because they are oppressed by their representatives. If I must serve, the number of my masters, who were born…

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  • The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    It is indeed their interest, who endeavour the subversion of governments, to discourage poets and historians; for the best which can happen to them, is to be forgotten. But such who, under kings, are the fathers of their country, and by a just and prudent ordering of affairs preserve it, have the same reason to…

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