Town of Celebration, Florida

Celebration 2022

It was a cool and lightly breezy mid day on December 29, 2022 as I strolled the town embracing the restaurants and small businesses which hugged the lagoon. I took my hubby [R. Michael Brown], aka Papa Bear, for a pre-New Year’s stay at one of our boutique hotels, Celebration Hotel, Autograph Collection in Celebration, Florida, located at the doorstep of Walt Disney World Resort. The small town, home to 10 thousand residents, was built by the Walt Disney Company and has not grown much since its first residents called it home in 1996.

As I walked one of its picturesque trails around the lagoon, my vantage point was that of this crown jewel – Celebration Hotel – which I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a handful of times through the years. The quaint design, wonderful culinary offerings and small town feel keep me coming back. I took a photograph and felt the urge to paint 🎨 it to add to the memories of my life and travels.

Thank you Leonardo Iglesias for my traveling painting 🖼️ case and supplies.

The timing was perfect to close out the end of the year.

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