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Growing up, my father and brothers all had artistic talent and I always wondered why I didn’t. As it turns out, I’m a late bloomer.

I have always loved photography as long as I can remember. Once I started to work as a teenager, and had enough money saved, I purchased my first Canon camera. Through the years, family has always teased me for what may be viewed as annoying. Yet, for me, it’s about capturing those special moments to relive over and over. Especially those important milestones or just being with family.

My father had a subscription to National Geographic and I dreamed about working for them and traveling the world taking amazing pictures of the beauty around this world of ours. It has been a favorite hobby and even though iPhones now have fabulous cameras, there is nothing like taking a portrait with a real camera…an upgraded Canon, I’ve had for years now.

Painting is a newly acquired interest. My daughters, Nicole and Tiffany, have enjoyed it for quite some time, as a stress relief during their college years. And, in 2020, during their visit over Mother’s Day, was my debut as they pulled me into this wonderful world of art. We enjoyed a delicious brunch with mimosas and sat in our back porch with colors and paint brushes and blank paper, ready to be filled.

I’ve now done many paintings and must say that it transports me into a different world, much like a good book. I’m truly enjoying it, and my hubby, Michael Brown, created a watermark for me, and this website for me to post photographs of my other love – my roses – and paintings. Subjects are of things I hold dear to my heart, places I’ve visited or dream about.

There are so many truly talented artists out there, including several in my Maya family. I’m just getting started. I’m glad to be able to share it with others through social media. Let’s see where this takes me and us.

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