Dukie - King of the Farm

Dukie – The King of the Finca La Nuestra, AKA Farmhouse

Dukie is the king of the Finca La Nuestra, aka ‘Our Farmhouse’, in Satsuma, FL. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Yellow Lab mix.

When my brother, Albert, and my uncle Fernando and their spouses, Dania and María Eugenia, bought a 10-acre farmhouse earlier this year, they didn’t anticipate that the previous owner’s dog would be staying. The owner had tried giving him away, yet, Dukie knew his place and wasn’t leaving.

For the first few weekend visits, Dukie would greet them at the main gate, yet would keep his distance, following them around the property and probably wondering who these newcomers were. Not knowing anything about their 4-legged new companion, they were cautious yet tried to befriend him multiple ways. As the days and visits passed, Dukie realized that this was his new family and warmed up to each of them as well as all of the family and friends who frequented the farm.

I finally had the opportunity to meet Dukie in late spring and love how well behaved and what a great guardian he is. He even accompanied me on a very early morning walk around the entire property and beyond. I think he wanted to make sure I was safe. Very intuitive of him.

I felt honored to paint Dukie. Acrylic was my medium. Capturing the correct hue of his beautiful yellow coat was more challenging than I thought it was going to be and he now has a special place in my heart.

This painting now hangs at the Finca La Nuestra.

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