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Island Beach

Growing up in Florida, going to the beach was often our best entertainment. The time was full of adventure and usually packed with locals enjoying fun in the sun. As a teenager in the summer, my parents would pack up the station wagon with food for an entire day. I would spend most of the day in the water enjoying the waves and begrudgingly would exit only when called to eat. Then the countdown would start as we had to wait an hour before going in again. That gave time for shell collecting, sandcastle building, or just playing in the sand.

I have been able to see and enjoy some beautiful beaches during my travels throughout the years. Yet, have always dreamed of vacationing in an exotic and secluded island beach with its many shades of turquoise and blues. That was my inspiration for Island Beach. I painted it with watercolor on canvas.


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  1. Miguel A. Maya Avatar
    Miguel A. Maya

    Absolutely love it sis😍😘

    1. Leo Art Creations Avatar
      Leo Art Creations

      Good little bro 😘

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