Author: Leo Art Creations

  • Summer in the Country

    Summer in the Country

    My daughter, Nicole, recently moved to an apartment in Orlando where they have beautiful trails and it reminded me of summers in the country. That was the inspiration for this painting, for which I took a course from artist, Angela Anderson, to create this acrylic piece on canvas full of mid-morning sunshine and reminded me…

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  • Pet portraits warm hearts

    Pet portraits warm hearts

    The love we have for our pets and the loyalty and love they have for us is a special bond. Many of the pet portraits I’ve done are of pets from my family and friends. A remarkable aspect of a pet’s personality is in the eyes so I try to bring that out in my…

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    For many years of our adult life, I have known of my brother Albert’s intrigue and passion for NASA and all of the studies and mysteries of our universe. I don’t remember ever seeing a telescope in his house, yet remember sitting in his backyard late at night one time when our kids were young…

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  • Travel Inspired Landscapes

    Travel Inspired Landscapes

    Painting landscapes is how I started. At first I was inspired by my world-wide travel for my job. But since I started painting, inspiration comes from so many unique places. I’ve learned that creating art on a regular basis causes you to see things differently. If you would like to commission a custom landscape painting, click…

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  • Abstract Art & Ways of Seeing

    Abstract Art & Ways of Seeing

    I’ve always loved abstract art. Learning it has been great fun. Explore the different shapes, colors, and textures of abstract art. Each piece looks different to each person. What do you see? See More Abstract Paintings

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  • Photographic Inspiration

    Photographic Inspiration

    I’ve been taking photographs as I’ve traveled around the world and of my Wellington, Florida rose garden. Photos provide tremendous inspiration in light and color. Not only do I take the photos but I grow the roses too! See More Photography

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