Lunar Gateway Leo Art Creations


For many years of our adult life, I have known of my brother Albert’s intrigue and passion for NASA and all of the studies and mysteries of our universe.

I don’t remember ever seeing a telescope in his house, yet remember sitting in his backyard late at night one time when our kids were young to admire the starry night and perhaps be gifted with a shooting star or two. He is our family’s UFO junky and is totally captivated by all theories of extraterrestrial life.

Wanting to do a painting which would have meaning for him, he challenged me to paint NASA’s Lunar Space Station “Gateway.” To be honest, it made me nervous, yet excited, to attempt this very detailed configuration in a painting. This was especially so as my brother is extremely detailed in all he does, so I knew I needed to be meticulous in this piece to measure up. Otherwise, it might end up in a corner of his garage. LOL.

I am very proud of this piece as it pushed me beyond my limits into another dimension. I’m happy to know that Albert has proudly hung his painting in his home in Boca Raton, Florida next to his other passion – his music.

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